Incentive Platform To Drive Sales & Engage Channel Partners in Lighting Industry

Category: Dealer/Channel Incentives
Sub category: Insurance, CERRA Applause

“Our revamped loyalty program has enabled us to increase sales, enhance engagement with official partners and provide a better reward solution“ - Regional Marketing Head

Global leader and manufacturer of lighting products and networked light applications. Client sought to launch a loyalty and reward program for their channel sales distributors and resellers across the Middle East.


Incentives submitted


Reward Redemption


  • Incentivising 2 layers of channels partners using one platform
  • Offering a local reward catalogue across countries to appeal to sales teams of partners
  • Keeping sales teams updated with new products and campaigns


  • Fully white-labelled platform with pre-configured point reward settings for multiple SKUs differentiated at a country level for official distributors and resellers mapped.
  • Platform enables sharing of product information via announcements & notifications. Allows salesmen to easily upload invoices and specify details of products sold. Reward points awarded based on the number of units sold. Reseller invoices are mapped to official distributors for review and approval.
  • Near relevant and detailed real-time interactive and insightful analytics dashboards and report downloads available with engagement relevant metrics to explore, measure and inform data-driven solutions engagement initiatives.
  • Points can be redeemed for a local catalogue of vouchers catering to the needs of sales teams such as grocery vouchers, phone top up cards, e-commerce vouchers and more.


  • 30,000+ Invoices submitted by sales teams across official distributors and resellers.
  • Over $130,000 worth of rewards have been redeemed across 7 markets since launch.
  • Access to rich data that can be analysed such as sales invoices, quantum and specifics of products sold.
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