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CERRA Applause is a points-based reward platform for employees that fosters a culture of appreciation, drives higher employee engagement and brings the best rewards for your team.

Personalised Appreciations

Empower your team to recognise and applaud their peers instantly with personalised messages, eCards, points and more. Our generative AI capabilities support depth of expression in recognition messages.

Extensive Relevant Rewards

Digital gift vouchers from popular everyday brands, tech gadgets, curated experiences - we’ve got them all for you from over 1,000 partners across 30+ countries.

Powerful Analytics & Insights

Measure the impact of your employee recognition program and make data-driven decisions to improve your engagement strategies and drive positive business outcomes.

Our Impact

Empowering our Clients to Succeed

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agree that CERRA Applause has helped to create a culture change in their organisation

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would recommend CERRA Applause to others

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had over 50% increase in engagement after using CERRA Applause

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said that CERRA Applause reduced effort and time to manage employee reward programs

Experience CERRA Applause

Here's how our innovative platform meets your Employee Recognition and Reward needs

Rewarding employee performance


Celebrate Employee Milestones with Joy

Say goodbye to the hassle of manually tracking birthdays and work anniversaries. CERRA Applause simplifies the process with automated greetings and points-based rewards for your employees on their special milestones.

You can also easily customise the platform to manage Long Service Awards and effortlessly send digital certificates for your employees.


AI-powered Peer Appreciations

Recognise and reinforce your company's core values in real-time with CERRA Applause's instant AI-powered peer appreciations and advanced feature where all employees can publicly recognise each other across teams and countries.

Cultivate a positive and values-driven work environment, where appreciation flows freely and teamwork thrives.

Point based employee recognition program
Employee recognition app


Nominate Anyone, Anytime or Teams

Simplify and streamline your nomination programs with our comprehensive platform. From self-nominations to recognising outstanding colleagues or teams, CERRA Applause handles the entire process end to end.

You can configure custom workflows and approvals, while admins enjoy real-time visibility into nominations, allowing them to award points and certificates to deserving winners instantly.


Communicate & Engage Seamlessly

Help your employees stay connected and informed through announcements, an interactive events calendar, newsfeeds, polls and more.

You can create engaging content instantly using our built-in generative AI tools and also tailor your messages by targeting specific employee groups, ensuring relevant information reaches the right people at the right time.

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Rewards to Delight your Employees

Explore a world of possibilities with our point reward system and extensive reward global catalog which is localized to appeal to your employees. CERRA Applause offers a diverse selection of gift vouchers, merchandise and unforgettable experiences, empowering employees to choose rewards that truly resonate with them.

From food delivery and shopping gift cards to staycations, we provide a seamless redemption process, ensuring every recognition moment is memorable and meaningful for your valued team members

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We connect seamlessly

Seamless integrations with communication platforms, surveys and Open AI

Over 20+ Integrations with your Tech Infrastructure & Platforms

Unleash the Power of Reporting and Analytics

We help you stay on top of your employee recognition program and
give you all the data you need to supercharge your reward and recognition strategy.

Peer Appreciation Patterns

Gain insights into how peer-to-peer appreciations are sent between employees and across departments, identify internal ambassadors for your core values, and highlight influencers that send and receive the most appreciations.

Engagement Trends

Discover at a glance which departments consistently engage with your recognition programs. gain an overview of event attendance and interest, track viewership of your announcement and event notifications.

Reward Redemption Insight

Discover patterns in the frequency and timing of their redemptions, and keep track of your rewards budget.

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