Rewarding Simplified for Retailers of Global Leader in Branded Eyewear

Category: Dealer/Channel Incentives
Product: CERRA Incentives

The world's leading producer and distributor of luxury, sports, and fashion eyewear, with a presence at over 9,000 retail locations worldwide. Client sought a customised white-labelled incentives & redemption platform for their channel partners that would allow them to provide digital incentives for their channel sales partners across many retail stores in multiple countries


Receipts submitted


Reward Redemption


  • Channel sales partners are widely distributed and have limited contact with the core sales team.
  • Receipts for each sale do not follow standard formats and need approval for points awarding.
  • Managing vouchers and merchants was time-consuming.


  • Customised white-labelled mobile app “Eyes on Prize” launched in 2018 for channel partners in Singapore, followed by other countries in SEA and EU.
  • Mobile app that allows channel partners located in different countries and different retail stores to upload sales receipts in exchange for incentives points. These receipts are separately verified and approved before points are awarded. Channel partners can then exchange points for their own choice of rewards.
  • Channel marketing managers remotely can set sales targets with a bonus reward for channel partners, easily administrate promotion periods where each sale gains the channel partner extra points.


  • Channel marketing managers now have a convenient platform to manage channel sales marketing where they can promote friendly competition, distribute promotional product information, and easily access sales analytics data.
  • Money and time savings realised by digitalising channel sales incentives, with over 220,000 receipts submitted in 2021 leading to Incentive points worth over SGD 600,00 that channel partners can redeem on our marketplace.
  • Trade Marketing Managers reported increased customer satisfaction.
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