Super-flex Reward Marketplace to Engage Employees

Category: Public Sector

“Congratulations to all involved with this project, it was a very elegant solution to a potential problem and executed perfectly by the teams.” - Group Partner

Major public transport operator in Hong Kong with 15,000 employees.Client sought a flexible benefit platform for their employees that would allow them to make instant redemptions on wellness and lifestyle products and digital vouchers.


Total redemption worth


  • Very large company with employees that are constantly on the move.
  • Employee benefit claims were manually approved and processed
  • Managing vouchers and merchants was time-consuming


  • Employees receive Flex dollars as part of their compensation package, which they can use to instantly redeem products and e-vouchers from the rewards marketplace.
  • Phase 1 (2020): Rewards marketplace was integrated to their existing benefits provider, allowing employees to redeem products and e-vouchers with Flex dollars.
  • Phase 2 (2023): Customised white-labelled platform and rewards marketplace launched in 2023 streamlined products and e-voucher availability, allowing for a greater range of rewards provided and increased ease of use.


  • Employees gain access to a diverse, relevant marketplace with 700+ products and e-vouchers from 120+ brands.
  • Over 65,000 e-vouchers and 2,000 products were redeemed over the first half of 2023., worth over HKD12 million (S$2 million).
  • Digital platform allows for instant redemption and freed up one full-time employee from manual claims processing.
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