Customer Loyalty Points Wallet: Rewards Anytime, Anywhere

Category: Insurance

Leading personal insurance group in Asia with a global presence. Client sought a customised white-labelled gift redemption platform that also provided merchant management, marketing campaign management, secure data management, and data analytics reporting.


  • Managing and storing sensitive personal data of customers securely
  • Gift vouchers expiring and going to waste due to non-utilisation
  • Time-consuming process of managing vouchers and merchants


  • Complete flexibility for customers to choose from a wide range of digital rewards on an amazing marketplace.
  • No app downloads or sign-ups required for customers.
  • Bulk sending of credits to customers for ease of use.
  • Encrypted PII data stored securely.
  • Admin reports to track campaign status.
  • Feature to send rewards in bulk to multiple users.
  • No customer sign-in required for reward redemption.
  • Web dashboard platform with reporting attribute for ease of use.


  • Annual savings of over SG$100,000 in man-power costs.
  • A 60% reduction in the time taken to market a campaign, ensuring that rewards are delivered to customers faster and more efficiently.
  • A 300% improvement in redemption rates, with over 55,000 users awarded with rewards through the platform.
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